Global Touch IT Solution is a Web Technology Services company that is specialized in Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Ecommerce Portal Development/Consultancy, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Cloud Solutions, Big Data Solutions, Technology Consulting, Content Management Systems and Hosting Solutions.With industry experience and ongoing relationship with well-established companies, we are committed to our customers to deliver Professional website, Mobile & Digital solutions/consultancy that work in tandem with our customer’s strategic requirements.

We have professional team of project managers, programmers and technology consultants who can build Advanced Application Development and customer specific solutions to make our clients business grow faster and reach higher. With our experienced team of designers and developers, we provide dynamic websites, static websites, CMS websites, HTML5 websites and e-commerce websites. Our resources have extensive experience in developing applications for Apple iOS, android platform, Windows and Blackberry devices.

Our technical expertise fortifies timely delivery and implements precise operations to benefit our customers. We ensure to get top-class web solutions with professional contributions and support, assisting our customers to meet the business goals perfectly seeing a big window of opportunities. With us, you can be rest-assured to get excellent IT solutions and services which deliver results suiting your ambitions and targets in the desired manner.


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If you’re looking for an authentic web design company, we are here to take care of all your web development needs by providing sophisticated high end solutions which are inventive and profitable.

Some of the web development services that we offer:

Web Applications
We create quality web applications consistently gaining new insights into what makes a perfect web application. Our testing team ensures our software supports to the latest web standards and in addition to fast web page loading times, increased usability and web designed interfaces.

Responsive Application
Responsive web design or RWD has become more important as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic. Responsive web design is an approach to design web aimed at allowing desktop webpage to be viewed in response to the size of the device one is viewing with. In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s preferences.

We Global Touch build responsive websites that deliver business growth and we not only can incorporate responsive in your new website design scheme of things, but if you already have a website, we can modify it and make it responsive. Our team has all the tools and technology to make your website more accessible: media queries, flexible grid based layouts that use re-sizing, and flexible images & media.

Website Development/Redesign
With your brand at the center of everything we do, we’ll produce a website design proposal that supports the growth of your business and adds to your bottom line. We know that a website has limited shelf life, because of constant technological advancements, it makes sites obsolete in a short period of time. Balancing form and function through expert web development, we’ll create a beautiful brand experience that commands attention and encourages conversion. We build platforms that are agile and adaptive.

HTML5 Development
HTML5 is a markup language, used for structuring the contents on the web. If you need a responsive, fast, secure and beautiful experience for your website, product or service on multiple platforms, one of the best options for you is HTML5. This is doubtlessly an efficient, easy and immensely scalable app development solution. HTML5, the latest version of HTML has successfully solved almost all the limitations of its previous versions.

We offer a proven, stylish, highly flexible engagement model that starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your business and IT requirements to ensure that the right HTML5 & CSS3 development solution will be delivered both quickly and cost-effectively to meet your goals and deadlines.

Custom Content Management System
CMS or ‘Content Management System’ has become a buzz word in the web development industry because of its benefits. It is a program that allows website managers and administrators to maintain, modify and build websites without little or no knowledge of coding.

As we have experience in creating beautiful, aesthetic and SEO optimized custom CMS solutions for addressing business requirements, our solutions allows our clients to minimize delays, facilitate quick turnaround and real-time implementation. You need the best CMS to help in the development of your website. We develop, manage, and deliver optimal digital experiences for your consumers.

WordPress Development
WordPress is better known as a user-friendly open-source system, having extensive plugin directory, a robust template framework, and an accessible administrative dashboard. It gives the users an unbelievable repository of themes, plugins, extensions and templates. With the help of this extra ordinary resource, the site can be created at will. We build WordPress solutions that are sophisticated, yet simple to suit your website in terms of performance and responsiveness.

CRM Solutions
From automating sales, marketing and customer support to creating a custom CRM solution, we give you the tools that empower every customer-facing individual to create extraordinary customer relationships. We give pre-developed vertical solutions for eCommerce websites, Call-centers, Insurance, Telecom, Financial Services, Education, Real Estate, IT Services, Manufacturing and Dealership sectors.

API Integration
API Integration or Application programming interface is a software-to-software interface that allow for separate parties to talk to each other without any previous user knowledge or intervention. We provide you a wide range of Custom API Integration and 3rd Party API Integration to enhancing the growth of businesses.

What We Provide:

  • Payment Gateway
  • Email API Integration
  • SMS API Integration
  • Travel Portal API Integration
  • Bandwith API Integration
  • Social Media API
  • Phone Verification API


We provide the best and unbeatable mobile applications for your Smartphone and tablet computers. If you’re looking for some mobile applications or services, you’re in the right place.

Key Areas of Mobile Development Expertise:

Mobile UX
We believe in not just building mobile apps that looks great, but designing experiences for the user. Our team of designers and developers work together to turn your needs into a mobile solution with high user experience & usability. Our mobile solutions are sleek and aesthetically pleasing on multiple levels.

Android Application Development
Today, at least 75% of Smartphone users across the globe are using Android OS. Therefore, Android application development is crucial to any business, particularly bespoke Android application development. We use quality tools, professionalism and experience in Android app programming, android app testing and android app designing to enhance the best usability, easy usage and user experiences.

The Kind Of Android Applications That We Develop

  • Game app development
  • Android widget development
  • Maps app development
  • Health app development
  • Internet app development
  • Finance app development
  • Music app development
  • Multimedia app development
  • Social networking app development


iPhone & iPad Application Development
Our iPhone app developers and Testers are well-equipped to handle the latest iPhone application development processes as they are well updated about the new emerging trends in the iPhone market.

What applications we develop

  • iPhone / iPad App development for Business
  • iPhone / iPad App development for Entertainment
  • iPhone / iPad Apps development for Games
  • iPhone / iPad App development for Social Networking
  • iPhone / iPad Apps development for Sports
  • iPhone / iPad App development for Travel
  • iPhone / iPad App development for Weather


Phonegap Development
PhoneGap offers support for major smart phone platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian and Bada. We beleive that it is an interesting and efficient platform for developing cross-platform mobile applications using simple HTML and JavaScript. Our wide range of services to enterprises with respect to their business-critical data have established our esteemed image in the PhoneGap mobile development market.



We, at Global, offer competent e-commerce web design, plug-ins & module development solutions for all level enterprises. So, you can always depend on us when you think about an e-commerce web development.

We are here to support you along the way.


Ecommerce website design and development provides an opportunity to the customers to purchase and sell items and services online rather than going to the stores for shopping. Ecommerce sites are regarded as the entrance for people across the globe to make these transactions.

One of the major advantages of Ecommerce is its quicker processing technique. We TechMinds, offer professional eCommerce website development and eCommerce web portal development solutions. Our team of designers and developers has proven experience in creating sites that attract visitors, have a larger conversion ratio and go a long way in improving profit volumes. TechMinds creates innovative but highly user friendly sites that make way for a very successful and satisfying shopping experience.

Our company has exhaustive capabilities in e-commerce development allowing us to build complex and large scale B2B/B2C e-commerce portals.

Features that we offer:

  • User friendly interface
  • Attractive mobile enabled design
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Advanced integrated shopping cart
  • B2B and B2C Portal Development
  • Unified Customer database
  • Powerful search functionality
  • Safe and secure web portal



Magento is a leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform, empowering over 200,000 online retailers to date and chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses. It is built on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

Magento offers a comprehensive suite of tools to take complete control of the look, feel and functionality of your site and deliver a great online shopping experience to customers. Based on open architecture and with the support of hundreds of third-party extensions, Magento offers an unparalleled degree of flexibility and options to interface with third-party web applications.

Our Magento solution includes:

  • Magento Performance
  • Magento Mobile
  • Magento Cloud
  • Magento Responsive
  • Magento Migration



Sometimes you need something small that can be easily managed using a solution like Magento or OpenCart. And at the other end of the spectrum, you might need custom development from ground up.

We’re here to tell you that, for many businesses, the best approach is a custom e-commerce solution. With this type of solution you get the greatest possible value for your money. Here’s why:

  • No Compromises

With custom software, there are no compromises. The system is developed to exactly match your needs

  • Dedicated support

Our immense support will be there for things to go smoothly. No matter your issues, someone will be there to assist you in any way possible

  • Smart Automation

You don’t waste time doing things that should have been automated. With a custom e-commerce solution, all your needs are met with professionalism and swift resolve

  • Easy Learning

A custom ecommerce system will be familiar because it is based on your established policies and procedures.